Blue Moo Lake—Home of Cowz R Us!

Welcome to Blue Moo Lake, the lake that will be hosting the 2016 World Water Ski Championships! Blue Moo Lake is located in the heart of Jackson County in West-Central Wisconsin. Often described as “small town America,” Jackson County boasts beautiful scenery, lush forests, sand stone ridges, and of course, Blue Moo Lake. From 120,000 acre Jackson County Forest, to 65,000-acres of Blake River State Forest, there is plenty for tourists, water skiing spectators and competitors to explore in-between competitions.

A Lake with a History

Blue Moo Lake is owned by the Heller Family, and it’s located on the family dairy farm. We’re no strangers to Barefoot Waterskiing— we have competed in each World Championship for the past twelve years, except for Australia 2014. In 2014, Elaine was way to pregnan to ski! We are pleased to report that she will be missing 2016 Worlds for the same reason!!! Blue Moo Lake was built in 2006 specifically for Barefoot Waterskiing practice, competitions, and events. Our lake has seen many competitions over the years, including four National Championships and dozens of other competitions. It’s also the place where people with a passion for barefoot waterskiing can come together and experience the thrill of competition.

A Uniquely Built Lake for a Unique Sport

The Heller Family has designed the lake specifically for Barefoot Waterskiing. This is important for several reasons. Because the lake is only 30 meters wide, wind exposure is kept to a very low level. The Blue Moo, a spring filled lake, is a half mile (860 meters) long. Another important feature of the lake’s construction is the 4-8 meter high banks that run parallel to the lake’s length. The high banks perform two important functions: Wind penetration over the banks is very low, and the high banks elevate the bleacher seating, giving spectators an unencumbered view of any run from start to finish.

The Blue Moo was also designed to enhance the officials’ experience. The officials’ offices are located centrally to everything else. Officials are only a few steps from the boat landing with covered boat barn, announcer’s tower, bleachers, jump ramp, food service, parking and restrooms.